Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Necklace for Lupus

I was recently asked to design a piece that would be auctioned off at a fundraising event for the Lupus Foundation of New England. This is the necklace I created to reflect the sentiment of empowerment and hope for people living with Lupus.

A burst of stars, a surge of hope.

The design for this necklace started with the logo for the Lupus Foundation of New England—a small cluster of shooting stars. But as I learned more about Lupus, I came to see that this complicated disease is often vague and without pattern. Considering that, I arranged the stars in a random, asymmetrical order. The two tiers of chain illustrate the support and education available to empower those living with Lupus.

The Lupus Necklace—a delicate chain paired with a shiny burst of stars is a beautiful way to honor this cause.
For more information about this necklace click here.
***The Lupus Foundation of New England is having their fundraising event on Thursday, June 18th at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Tickets are available at the door and there are a ton of incredible and generous items up for auction. Find out more about the fundraiser and learn more about the Lupus Foundation of N.E. here.

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