Hi! I’m Amy, the hands–and heart–behind AG Ambroult and Elemental.

Using my tactile sense has always driven my creative decisions and life pursuits, but after a few years of working in front of a computer and tickling babies, my hands grew soft and smooth. That’s when I realized it was time to trash them again, and bending metal seemed like just the thing.
Even though my hands are swollen and bleeding at the top of a rock climb, the pain is like a sweet ache, a throbbing reminder if what I had accomplished. I’ve always been amazed at what hands can do. Strong and capable, my hands have pitched tents on alpine peaks and cradled my babies’ heads. They have held my body weight on a rock face and pressed seeds into the soil. Now my hands twist wool into scarves, and manipulate metal into beautiful forms.
It’s the complete physical experience of metalsmithing that keeps me coming back for more.I feel the touch of the cold metal, the resistance when I bend it, the give when I hammer it, my hands are given the opportunity to explore their full potential. Sometimes, my fingertips are sore when I’m doing an art project with my girls, or I feel twinge of pain when I grasp a knife to make dinner. But I can’t help
but smile, and feel grateful for the craft I do, for the things I make with my hands.