Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Progress and Growth

Just like that, nearly a week has gone by since I have last posted. It seems like the days slip through my hands, weeks are cranked out steadily, and my girls grow faster each year.

Since this blog has become somewhat of a journal, tracking our progress and growth, I though I'd catalog a few of our most recent examples:

Progress: on a little surprise for soon-to-be-born babe

Growth: remember "Woolly Bear?" He emerged as this beautiful moth

Progress: on a bench, needed for the dining room table

Growth: chicks losing the fluff, getting feathers on their heads

Progress: the last-day-of-school countdown

Growth: last year's sandals

Where have you been making progress? How have you been measuring growth?


  1. Amy your knitting project is gorgeous!
    It's funny how laid back summer is yet also so busy!
    Hmm... this year is a bit different for us since moving I guess my progress and growth has been just taking the time to make each room feel 'like home' little by little it all comes together. I am working on our outdoor front porch space right now and continued gardens : )

  2. The sandal picture made me chuckle, they grow so fast don't they? Love the bench, it looks really beautiful.

  3. Wow - I love your knitting project and that gorgeous yarn and the bench and your chickens.....I so wish I was close enough to just pop in to enjoy all that progress with you! Talking of time speeding by - I will reply soon I promise xx

  4. Sometimes I don't realize how much progress I've made because I'm constantly immersed in my craft and thinking about what I want to do next. It strikes me that I'm not measuring growth or rewarding myself by recognizing it. I definitely need to improve on that! You've planted a good thought in my head.

  5. I love that sandal shot...I am making slow progress on our garden this year. Our crazy spring weather confused me...or least that seems like a good enough excuse right now.

    That bench is really lovely...does it have some tiger maple for the seat?

    Thanks so much for including us in your 'interesting' list...yes, it will definitely be interesting. And that is what I must make some more progress on now;)

  6. amazing how a week can slip by! you are definitely forgiven for your lack of postage. the last week of school is like ten weeks rolled into one. wow your kids get out late. we've been out for almost a month already - which means that they also go back at the beginning of august when it's still blistering hot!

    p.s. i ate a load of tater tots tonight - so i'm definitely growing, but not in the right direction!

  7. Man we are realizing we need a bench. Right now one we are short one chair, and it seems everynight we come up with some new approximate solution. I dunno what we are thinking. I'd love a beautiful bench like that!