Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Show Hangover

Whew. Another show over and done with. I did the fabulous hand-made artisan show, Craftopia, yesterday and oh, how I love these events. It's like going to a party, that lasts from early in the morning until dinner time, where I see old friends that I only see at these shows. We catch up, share experiences, and commiserate about all things craft.

Look what I saw:

That shirt says, "I went to a craft show and all I got was this lousy, hand dyed, organic, independently designed, hand silk screened t-shirt." Does it get any more clever than that? (awesomeness by HeatherJeanie)

And look what I got:

This delightful stained-glass bunting by Dasken Designs. The best part? We did a trade. Uh, huh that's right.
(The cloudy sky is not doing it justice, but in the sunshine it is spectacular.)

Look what I drooled over:

The whimsical illustrations of SepiaLepus

And look who was my neighbor:

I got to adore the little shirts and plushies by Hilary all day long.

I leave the shows feeling equally inspired and tired. Sometimes I'm frustrated, other times there's a spring in my step. With each show I cross off the list, I breathe a little easier and feel a little lighter—but only until I set my sights to the next one. At this time of year, there's no lag between obligations until mid-December, so it's on to the next one I go!


  1. I love that first shirt!! So great : )
    I'm glad you enjoyed a wonderful time! The stained glass bunting is amazing and I imagine what you swapped was too you creative lady you! xo

  2. Hey those are some amazing crafts! Can you let us know when and where your shows are?! They sound awesome. I can only imagine how tired/exhilerated/lighter you feel after doing lots o' shows. I am in awe of you Amy!!
    xo Angela

  3. I love the title of this post - these shows must be such involving, intense and good events! The stained glass bunting is beautiful, even against the gray sky, but I can imagine how magical it must look when it catches a sun ray.

  4. Oh my goodness that first shirt is so awesome!

    I think 'hangover' is a perfect description. It usually takes me a full week to recover. I did a show this weekend too and have another one in a few weeks...bring it.

    I love all your links here!

  5. How fun this sounds to me who almost only "meet" my clients through e-mail and Skype! How wonderful it must be to SEE people and get to know fellow crafters! Such inspiring work and of course the "lousy t-shirt" is FAB!

  6. Sounds like an awesome day.
    Love that t-shirt and stained glass huh - that will make anyone smile even on a cloudy day ;)

  7. that t-shirt is PURE GENIUS. and art shows are exhausting, no two ways about it, which is why i hardly ever do them! i'm doing an outside (!) one the weekend after next - please cross your fingers for me and I'll do the same for you! (and that BB in your area should shove it. your work is awesome. start your own show!)

  8. The shirt is cute, but the bunting is gorgeous!

  9. Looks like there are some pretty cool compensations for all that hard work! Scarily it isn't too long till mid December and you get to relax - I wonder how many more cool trades you might manage to make by then? I am all for a return to a life of barter! Take care my friend, Big hugs Em x

  10. That first shirt is too darn cute but what I really like is the glass bunting. It's gorgeous and must be beautiful with the sun coming through it.
    It looks like you had a great time. Hope there is a little rest for the weary. Be well friend.