Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why I Had An Art Attack

My booth at SoWa
Something didn't feel right. Fidgeting in my bed, I tossed and turned. My breathing was rapid, my toes were twitching, and my belly was churning. I had just returned home from the most successful weekend ever of selling my jewelry. Shoppers showed up in droves, I got to meet lots of sweet customers in person, and hear many kind words about my work. So why did I have such an uneasy feeling?

I finally got out of bed and, without making a conscious decision, grabbed my sketchbook and started drawing. Ideas poured out of me—some were influenced by all the beautiful things I had seen over the weekend, others were my own concepts, born from the renewed motivation I had just gained. In essence, I was having some sort of art attack. A physical reaction to my stirred soul. An actual burst of artistic energy.

I was a vendor at the 7th annual SoWa Holiday Market this weekend. Eighty artists and independent designers, including a good handful of jewelers—every one of them talented, friendly, supportive, and creative. Neither shoppers nor makers could roam the aisles without being tempted and stimulated.

Being counted among so much talent and energy made me humble. I left bursting—with the ideas that swirled madly in my head, with gratitude for the extra income earned, and with a sense of connection to a community of people I can learn so much from.

Here's a shout out to some of my amazing SoWa neighbors:
Gorgeous neck pieces made from vintage ties at Lillian Asterfeld
Adorable felt items and hand spun yarns at Migration Goods
Bold jewelry from Amy Casher
Ceramic and wood creations by Firewood Furniture
Sewn goodness from Fisherman's Daughter


  1. Oh how wonderful! Everything! The market, the community, your energy and art attack!

  2. Amy I'm so happy for you that you had a successful sale! It's always good to meet new people, get new ideas, and having great sales, that's like the icing on the cake.

    Your booth looks SO nice.

    I can't wait to see the finished projects that come from this art attack.

  3. An Art Attack, that is awesome! Amy, your work is so beautiful and inspiring, and it is neat to get a glimpse into all that you do.
    Looking forward to seeing what this inspiration brings forth.

  4. So glad we get to see your booth - I love the way you display your necklaces on wooden pieces! Congratulations on the sales, and on making a name for yourself in your community of artists!

  5. OH that's wonderful. Please let us have an art attack sneak peak. I can hardly wait to see what inspires you. I love your work. It's beautiful.

  6. That is great Amy. So happy to hear that you did so well! And the art attack sounds great actually. I love when inspiration hits like that.
    Can't wait to see what grows from it.

  7. That is great Amy. I have a girlfriend up in Boston who went to that. :-) Can't wait to see your beautiful creations from this art attack!

  8. That is so exciting. I love how you called it an 'art attack' Love it!
    This burst of creativity must be so motivating and thrilling ;)
    Congrats on a great show. You are just pure awesomeness!!!

  9. Oh, how cool and of course you were included in that crowd, oh talented one!
    Clever name for it and I look forward to seeing what this attack inspired!

  10. I can just picture you tossing and turning and sneaking and drawing in a frenzy - priceless! Glad the sale was such a good one (in so many ways!) Do you get to rest yet? or are you still too fired up? :D

  11. Thats amazing! How cool that your passion can stir you in such a way. Glad the fair was such a great success!
    Happy Holidays.

  12. Cool! That is terrific! It's so awesome when a show goes well and you so deserve it! Your art is beautiful and innovative. I love that you had all of that artist energy and were able to channel it so wonderfully.

    Peace, Angela

    PS It would be so fun to do the same show one day!