Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The imperfections

found in all things handmade

are the makers mark,

the joyous details,

the things I run my fingers across and linger on

with wonder and admiration


  1. so well put Amy.

    these little details bring so much texture and life to a home.

  2. Such a beautiful post Amy and so true. It's our little imperfections which our the thumbprint to the maker. Be well friend.

  3. Why when I find that soooo easy to say about anyone elses creations (and mean it and truly believe it too!) am I sooo hard on myself and what I make?...its a question that keeps coming up for me, think I need to start embracing my own inperfections! :D

  4. I love that makers mark. Its the imperfections that make in truly perfect.

  5. Imperfect is perfect. Not to be cheesy, but I'm just sayin'. The "imperfections" bring so much character and identity to a life. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your home and life!

  6. i appreciate reading your thoughts here on imperfectly perfect handmade! i collect vintage hand embroidered linens and often go over the stitches appreciating most of all when you can see they went a bit differently here and a bit off there... the signs of life and of human hands touching each stitch to create something so beautiful to create home is priceless.

  7. Beautiful post. It's the imperfections of handmade that make each item a really unique creation - a true labor of love.

  8. Imperfections are part of the beauty - the work of hands not machines. Great post. And, I am also here to announce that you have been awarded a Stylish Blog Award. Go here to find out about it! Well deserved! xx

  9. Beautiful post! I love all things handmade for exactly that reason: imperfection.

  10. I totally agree! And congrats on your blog award :)


  11. "the things I run my fingers across and linger on"
    This is beautiful Amy.
    It is ironic how caught up in perfection we can get when it is those perfect imperfections in things and people that grab and hold onto our hearts.

  12. Beautiful hand made pieces. I love these textures and the imperfections add to the beauty so much.
    ps. I'm so excited you added me to your veeeeeeerrryyy interesting section! Yay. Thanks Hon.

  13. Thanks for you comment on my post Amy and for the inspiration from this post. Yes, it's funny which moments we remember from childhood. I can look back on that moment and see that at 6 I was just so incredibly "me" already....drawn to imperfection, full of empathy, and a little indecisive...tehehe.

    Vancouver IS an amazing city to live in. Come on up! I'll have a pot of tea ready for you. :)