Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes From the Jeweler's Bench

A Metalsmith's Morning (Glamorous it is not)

Each day starts with getting the girls up and off to school, followed by a little computer time. Then the work day starts, without fail, like this:

Make a (second) cup of tea

Tape up (to cover the cuts and scrapes that I seem to get every day)

Open the valve of the acetylene tank

Turn on the very high-tech ventilation system (Yep. That's snow out there. Thanks a lot, spring.)

Turn on the listening entertainment (This week, it's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Begin working my way through the scribbled "shop" to-do list

Do you have a morning routine that gets the "work" day started? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Love love seeing your routine! You tape your hands like a musician. Love it! I need a routine. I mean one that I like. Right now I kind of walk around in circles, you know the way a dog does before settling for a nap. ;)

  2. Angela, II kind of think i look like Michael Jackson with the tape ;)
    It won't be long till you've established a little routine when you arrive at your studio! Yay!

  3. I LOVE this so much I've been thinking about doing something like this, a few post on the daily random life of a photographer - you have encouraged me.
    Not as cool as your life though - I think being a mentalsmith sounds so exotic! But the cuts on the fingers..ummm not so sure I'd like that.

  4. Dearest sweet Amy, it's such fun to know what is your morning routine like! I do have one too for weekdays and weekends. One thing that is constant in my morning is my cup of coffee or tea! :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you sweet friend!

  5. I love seeing what your routine is like, and I'd also love to see you in action. My boys use meters and meters of tape on their tennis racket hand -- but I think they're proud of their blisters, and signs and marks of their passion. My early morning routine is start the fire (not for long!), and have two cups of espresso coffee, while blogging and the house is still asleep. Hope the weather there warms up soon!

  6. Love the high tech ventilation sysytem! My poor husband has finger tips like yours. Its all the love in the hands on work you do! Brave the will be melted soon. We got a sprinkling the past two night too, but I don't call that "real" snow. Enjoy your weekend Amy!


  7. My day always starts with a mug of tea or two or three and then a walk with Snap - I ignore the walk at my peril as if she hasn't had her walk she sits next to me and prods me with her paw until I give in....once she and I have refreshed our brains in the outdoors - she can settle to sleep and I can get on with some work undisturbed! I loved this peek inside your day - don't envy you that snow!

  8. I am not the only one with cuts all over her hands! Have you discovered 'second skin' (Germolene)? x

  9. I love reading about your daily routine! Did you know that there's a blog, (sadly now on hold) devoted entirely to accounts of the Daily Routines of writers, artists, and other interesting people?

    I've been going to a lot of different life and figure drawing events this spring, one that I enjoy a lot is at the Museum of Dance, with professional dancers who dance and then freeze in a pose, and then dance again... Very inspiring and humbling to think about how dancing, like other art forms is about a daily practice, whether or not you're in the mood and feel inspired!

  10. I love reading your daily routine... The behind the scenes of the beautiful things you make. Our routine is so up in the air right now, but normally work is done during naptimes and sometimes Camille will work right along side me.

  11. This series is so amazing, but for what you are teaching about the craft, as well as glimpse of your passion for the subject. Thank you again for sharing

  12. oof, i wish.

    but you can't imagine how much fun it was, walking through yours. shall use as inspiration, moving forth...