Monday, September 28, 2009


Introducing the newest member of our family...Pepper! This sweet little kitty came home with us a week ago and filled our house with doting oohhs and aahhs. He divides his time evenly between sleeping, snuggling, and completely spazing out. Yes, it has been quite entertaining, watching him attack anything that catches his eye—especially his tail. It was clear: kitty needed some of his very own toys.

I knit this little fishie for him and it quickly became his favorite. The simple pattern, from Teach Me To Knit, came together in no time at all.

Instructions called for tying the fish to a thread and dangling it from a stick but, as you can see, Pepper prefers it no strings attached. More fish are in the works, as this one is already thoroughly abused.

He's so fun, but no matter how wild he gets (clawing up the back of the chair, stalking unsuspecting toes), it's never long before he's fast asleep again.

Welcome home, Pepper!


  1. He's absolutely adorable, I just love the picture of him conked out on a lap. Congrats on the new member of the family.

  2. So CUTE! And you take *really* good pictures, by the way.