Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Rhythms

In the swing of things again, and it is bittersweet. Those wide-open days of summer vacation seem so long ago already. New rhythms keep the beat while we get ready for school, do homework, go to soccer, bake lots of bread for sandwiches, and have productive sessions in the workshop.

This year, in an effort to cut down on the waste in the girls' lunchboxes, I made a bunch of snack sacks. They were so simple and quick—I made 9 of them in one sitting. I didn't have a pattern, so I decided to wing it and take my cues from a basic envelope. Once they were constructed, I added a few pieces of Velcro to keep the contents from spilling out.

They have been so great, and the girls have gotten lots of comments about them from teachers and classmates. (Maybe this will help spread the no-trash lunch idea?) Plans are in the works for sandwich wrappers next, as these are a bit small for a pb&j.


  1. Super cute. I've been wanting to make some for my girls as well. Did you line them with anything or use oil cloth inside? Or are they just cotton to throw in the wash?

  2. These are total quickies--there's no liner in them. I considered making them from oilcloth but I wasn't sure about the safety of oilcloth touching food.
    These are just plain ol' cotton fabric, I toss them in the wash and, as you can see, skip any and all ironing ;)

  3. Oh my these snack sacks are super cute! I love the idea. :) You have such a lovely bubble space. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!