Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Month of Love and Luck

February turned out to be quite the month. While the grays and browns all around attempted to steal our inspiration, the blogging world pull through, as usual. Giveaways, swaps, tutorials, guides, and links rescued me from going seriously house crazy. I even had a little luck this month, too.

Until now, my only brush with luck was winning a raffle at my university's health fair. The prize? A first-aid kit. I remember being a little disappointed that I had used up all my luck on a couple of gauze pads and an ace bandage. (It's worth mentioning that I put that first-aid kit to good use a year later in South Africa. Guess I won that for a reason, in hind sight.)

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I won this brooch in a giveaway from Emily at Mousey Brown's House. Emily custom designed this pin, taking in to account my favorite colors and thoughtfully including a metal-rimmed button, as a nod to my works in metal. She rocks.

Then, I won this luxurious yarn last week from a Soulemama giveaway. This 100% Merino Wool from The Spun Monkey is so much softer and more beautiful than it looks in this photo. The colorway (Cloud Bunny) would be so perfect for a baby gift that's on my to do list, but I am not so sure now. That yarn may just have to stay in my household.

Luck aside, there was also lots of love going around in February, of course, and this year much of it landed in my mailbox. Gardenmama organized a valentine swap, so I jumped on the chance to participate in it (and then wondered why I would add something else to the above mentioned to do list). Truth is, I signed up because it was another excuse to create something that wasn't filling an order or slated to be sold. A chance to make something I would be exchanging with a group of women who inspire me endlessly.

Little did I know what a treat I was in for. Each valentine that arrived was original, creative, and thoughtful. So much more than I ever expected—they are all so very generous and genuine. I was running to the mailbox everyday, hoping another little masterpiece had arrived. Let me introduce you to these artists, mothers, crafters, photographers, writers and all-around creative and inspirational gals. Meet Kerry, Lisa, Stephanie, Pennie, Tonya, Stacey, Kristin, Nicole, Nicola, and Amy. Thanks ladies!


  1. Man. You've been lucky with the giveaways my dear. I'm so glad you a.)recieved my valentine and b.)enjoyed my valentine. I'm really glad to have met you through the swap!


  2. Yay! I'm so glad you are happy with the yarn. 'Twas a LOVEly month, indeed!

  3. oh my goodness that yarn is so yummmy looking! i did the valentine swap too and I'm glad I wasn't the only one running out to the mailbox this month. so much fun. i love your new header.

  4. What a wonderful month! Glad my brooch added to the happiness - I spotted your name on Soulemama, I was so excited for you! Those valentines look amazing, I am off now to investigate all those links. :D

  5. Well here's my friend lady luck. I'm so happy for your good fortune in the month of February. Emily's brooch is beautiful. Isn't Emily wonderful. I too loved that Valentine Swap. I must go back to snail mail, truly. And the yarn, oh my, what wonderful things you will make. Take care and Enjoy.

  6. Lucky lady. What great gifts. I love that Emily made the pin to order with your fav colors and the metal rimmed button is such a thoughtful detail. The yarn is so pretty. I don't knit or crochet but it sure makes me want to. And what nice goodies to receive in a swap.

  7. I love your new banner Amy! You lucky mama you! Emily and I are doing a swap eek I am so excited!
    I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the Valentine swap! I am loving it too, it has been incredible to connect with everyone in this way!
    (I owe you an email!)

  8. Just wanted to stop by to say that I enjoy reading about everything that's going on your end! Your new banner is really phenomenal!