Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He Lost His Ring

Actually, he lost it last spring.

We thought for certain it had fallen into the depths of his piano, during a tuning session. We looked into the bowels of that complicated instrument. No ring.

We thought for sure it was in his workshop, having fallen into a pile of wood shavings after he removed it for tool-gripping comfort. We swept and sifted. No ring.

We figured it must be in our bedroom, dropped down behind the nightstand or his dresser. We searched and rummaged. No ring.

I decided I'd make him a new one, and quick, lest some unknowing lady try to catch his eye, believing him to be single. Still no ring.

Nearly two seasons have passed by sans ring. Next week, we will celebrate 11 years since the first time I put a ring on his finger, and I didn't want our anniversary to sneak by without a replacement. So last night, I finished his new wedding band and slipped it on his finger. Finally, a ring.

"The A Ring" is now listed in my shop.


  1. it's amazing amy, what a gift to be able to say "my wife made my wedding band"!

  2. I think this is so very special. Congratulations you too in advance. It's just beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful end to the story! I wonder if the other ring will turn up now? Congrats on your 11 years have a great anniversary xx

  4. Wow. 11? Big Congrats!
    Secondly - my husband also lost his ring!
    God, it's been months - he's sure it's somewhere lingering around with dust bunnies - I don't know what to do - we hit our 5th recently -without a ring on his finger.... You just reminded me to go over and give him my two cents about this again ;)
    Lastly, THIS RING IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL - I think he purposely lost it ;)
    xoxo ella

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a happy and moving end to the saga of the ring!

  6. Perhaps that ring needed to be replaced by one made by you. What a special gift to give your husband. Congratulations on your 11th anniversary!

  7. Amy, it's gorgeous. Congrats on the 11 years.

  8. I think you. are. incredible.
    Lovely story and gorgeous ring!! Your work has so much soul. Congrats on 11!!
    Peace, Angela

  9. Amy, I would love to see how you like my attempt at jewellery making -
    although it's really jewellery accessorizing ;)


  10. Dearest sweet Amy, this is such a beautiful post and your words are just soo sweet! I love the way you write. :) The new ring is gorgeous and very meaningful since it was made by you!! How cool is that....totally cool! Your work is truely gorgeous sweet friend! WOW Congratz one the 11!! You and your hubby are both inspiration to me. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  11. Amy, that is the sweetest, most sentimental gift....

  12. How very lovely is that? Our wedding rings are not our originals (we had them melted down and the 2g of gold they extracted put into new ones...ehm we had no money when we got married!). Huge congrats on your 11th anniv! x