Monday, October 25, 2010

Questioning Sanity

It was a jumble of the last two things I do each night before I go to bed—feed the cat, and run the dishwasher. The thoughts in my head must have crossed, because I poured cat food in the dishwasher detergent holder.

Oh, we laughed, shook our heads, and took pictures, but deep down I was a little concerned, and seriously questioning my sanity. That night I posted this as my Facebook status: "Just poured cat food into the dishwasher detergent holder. Aaaaand with that, my multitasking days are over."

Well guess what? You wouldn't believe how many people responded with tales of the funny things they have done. Cereal in the fridge, remote control in the freezer, a soup pot returned to the cabinet with soup still in it, liquid dish soap in the dishwasher (resulting in suds all over the kitchen), and a telephone in the refrigerator—each response made me laugh harder. And feel better about my own senior moment. 

Now I know I'm not alone in my brainless endeavors (whew). Would you join the fun, and tell us some of the silly things you have done? I think a good chuckle is a fine way to start off the week, before our thoughts get all jumbled up again.  


  1. Dearest sweet amy, you are not alone. :) Oh yes i remember one time, after i finished my cup of tea with a tea bag still in it. I walked to the kitchen garbage can wanting to throw the used tea bag into it but instead of throwing the used tea bag...i threw my tea cup and went to the sink wanting to wash the tea bag! LOOOL I had no idea what i was thinking about...i guess i had lots on mind that time. hehe Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. That is so funny we are all very silly people when it comes right down to it, I love it. A few weeks ago I put my toddler into her big brother's booster seat, she was quite happy with the change but when I picked up her 6 year old brother and proceeded to tuck him into her little baby seat he quickly brought me back to reality! Talk about zoned out. I am one of your partners in the rock swap, I look forward to getting to know you.

  3. That is hilarious! I love the photo. I have lost the tv remote in the bookshelf (shelved with the books) for one month, telephone in the closet, brushes in the kitchen junk drawer; I have driven from my house to pick up my kids from school without shoes on (at least twice)!


    PS Your wire work has inspired me to try something with the stone swap.

  4. You aren't crazy.This is how the saying it's a mad world came to be. We're all half a bubble off. (Think Level) I was the one in your post with the ringing phone in the fridge.
    Here's another one to make you laugh. We live in an old house which has an old elevator. I use it as a dumb waiter to get the laundry up and down the various floors of my old house. So one night I had a basket of laundry in the kitchen and the cat sitting next to it. I mixed up the endeavor, however, by placing the cat in the elevator and shuting the door and opening the kitchen door to let the laundry out. It was fixed very quickly but it left me shaking my head. Truly. Have a great night.

  5. Oh I do this kind of thing all the time. Usually though, I stop myself just as I'm putting the phone in the fridge, or something like that, and don't follow through with the genius plan. Stress? Lost in thoughts? Errr... how about mindfulness... :D

  6. I love it that you took a photo of this:)! I'm more the kind of person who'd feed the cat the proper food, but then forget, go to feed it again, and wonder why cat food is already in the bowl!
    PS thank you for taking the time to stop at my blog and read past entries!

  7. Does it count that although I know I do this ALL the time I have forgotten every single incident so can't tell a story - maybe that is the next stage to watch out for!! LOL

  8. let's take this moment to rename the senior moment! it's a creative moment! your mind is on jewelry, spinning new ideas, plotting and strategizing revolutionary stuff. it does not have time for everyday drudgery such as running the dishwasher!

  9. p.s. you can complete any swear word you want in my commentary. no asterisks required.

  10. I do this sort of thing all the time - although I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with your absent minded moment. Usually I put my cup of tea somewhere strange like back in the cupboard with the cups or in the fridge. One of my more impressive moments was baking a pair of scissors. I think it's a symptom of creativity. I hope it's a symptom of creativity.

  11. Oh! I just love this post - on every level! Because it demonstrates:
    1. I'm not alone in the doing ditsey. department
    2. You stopped to take a photo, brilliant!
    3. You're brave enough to risk sharing
    4. It' soooo funny
    5. I'm not alone in the doing ditsey dept ( so good it's worth saying twice!)

    Like Angela, I can't remember my 'moments' but I recognise the look on my other half's face when I fluff up.

    And Aimee, it surely is the sign of a creative - 'butterfly' - mind!

    I'm off to practice 'mindfulness' and trying to get things right first time haha
    pamela x

  12. oh my gosh this is funny.
    once my phone was lost for weeks.
    i only found it because it happened to be ringing while the door to the fridge was open...and there it was with the condiments.

  13. Ok, as we're sharing, I once took the smoke alarm to bits - literally - because it wouldn't stop beeping. Even with a battery in one hand and the fuse in the other it was STILL beeping - I'm on the phone to my other half who was serving in the Falklands at the time freaking out about how this was even possible when he calmly told me to have a look upstairs - yep there was another smoke alarm and it was the one the beeps were coming from! D'oh.

  14. I need to friend you on FB!
    If your are insane I am a lobotomy candidate.

  15. I think there is something going on right now though. My mishaps have been particularly disturbing to me as of late as well. I will just completely put something somewhere and have no recollection of doing so. Once last week time completely elapsed and I thought hours had gone by when it actually had only been about 25 mintues. Losing my mind these days is in!