Friday, April 24, 2009

Unexposed Talent: OhMyCake

Keeping in line with the previous post and making handmade gifts for children, this week's Unexposed Talent is OhMyCake.

Found this shop while browsing Etsy (I've done this before, haven't I?) and fell in love with the delightful sewn toys.

The shop has a small assortment of felt baked-goods that speak for themselves. I am drooling over the Strawberry Egg Tart and Cherry Roll and the Fruit Cake, which can be "cut" into 4 slices. I think the Pretend Play Food Donuts and Cookie (pictured above) takes the cake. Yum. And fun!

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  1. That's fantastic! *runs off to think of some kiddies that have birthdays coming up*