Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seed Time!

Ahhh...back from our family vacation. We got a sweet sampling of summer weather, but our beachy glow was quickly extinguished when we came home to a frigid downpour. An over-stuffed mailbox produced some much-awaited items that soon made our day seem sunny again. The seeds and seed potatoes had arrived. Let the fun begin!

We wasted no time and started the seeds yesterday.

The tried-and-true vegetables came first: tomatoes (large and cherry), peppers, zucchini, butternut squash, basil, and cucumbers are all on their way to germination. Next came a few new varieties we added this year: watermelon and birdhouse gourd (we're excited to dry the ripened gourds and make them into homes for our backyard friends). I have never had any luck with corn, but we are going to give it one more try, since the seed company included them as a freebie (anyone have any advice?).

There are plenty more veggies to go, but they will be sown directly into the garden: lettuce, sugar snap peas, rainbow chard, carrots, string beans, kale, and various herbs. Some will be planted as soon as we can wade out into the mud pit that is our garden, some will have to wait until after the danger of frost has passed.

The garlic is up (pictured above), after wintering in the frozen earth. We regret not planting parsnips last fall, as we would be pulling those sweet treats and adding them to soups right about now.

This year's all-organic, mostly-heirloom garden promises to be our biggest ever. We have found a new use for the forgotten sandbox by turning it into a raised bed for the potatoes. I also have my eye on a grassy patch that would make a great spot to grow some fruit.

As our garden takes shape and the seedlings turn to plants, the rewards for our efforts bloom before our eyes. Few things are more satisfying than home-grown food. Happy gardening!
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