Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend, I was excited to attend CraftBoston (presented by The Society of Arts and Crafts), a show of contemporary art, craft, and design.
I go to CraftBoston each year for design inspiration, to interact with other artisans, and to check out the various booth designs and layouts. I encountered artisans from around the US and had the pleasure of chatting with some local artists whose work I have admired from afar.
As I bounced from booth to booth I found my heart beating faster and my mind spinning with ideas awakened.
The number of talented and imaginative artists was endless, but I found a few that really lit a fire in me.
Kimberly Morris, fabricates silver and copper jewelry then adds colored pencil to embellish each piece. The result is a line of jewelry that has unexpected depth, interesting details and bold colors.
zpots is a pottery studio run by a husband-and-wife team in Vermont. I admired their Classic Large Mugs that were comfortable to hold, and their thoughtful Home Bowl, which would be a delight to put out at a family gathering.
Donna Veverka, of Donna Veverka Jewelry, handcrafts jewelry inspired by architecture and ornament. I was excited to try on some of her structural rings that, while substantial, weren't overly heavy or uncomfortable to wear. Check out her website to view some of her one-of-a-kind pieces. Unique and fantastic.
I left CraftBoston with a stack of postcards/business cards in my hand, and a catalog if inspirations and ideas in my head.

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