Sunday, March 22, 2009

Artist Challenge

Create at least 2 new pieces using only your scrap materials (this works for most mediums)

There I was, 2 weeks from a deadline and short on money to buy the necessary materials. I scanned my bench, staring hopelessly at my slivers of silver sheet and snippets of wire. Then I saw it. A castaway that called out to me, a scrap that screamed to be used. The unintended form inspired its own design, so I followed where it lead me.
The resulting necklace was a refreshing departure from designs typical of me, and that little discarded fragment has taken me down the path of creating a new line.

1. Using materials that would otherwise have to be refined to be use again
2. An exercise in creativity
3. Saving cash. It's like money in your pocket to make profit from your discards.
4. Breaking from designs that would be expected from you

So go for it. And be sure and share what you come up with with me and everyone else!

1 comment:

  1. Cool pic of the scraps, and what's the new design??? Can't wait to see it!