Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello and welcome to the Elemental blog!

Here's the who, what, why, how, and when about me, my jewelry, and the blog:
In short I am a metalsmith, supporter of handmade goods, voracious gardener, wife, and mother.

I have been an artist all my life, but discovered metals as an adult. I took a metalsmithing class on a whim and one class turned into two classes, which turned into see where this is going, right? I was hooked on the tactile--and even physical aspects of bending, filing, sanding, and soldering metal into beautiful jewelry. I have always been curious about the metamorphosis from raw materials to finished forms and making jewelry from metal sheet and wire opened a new avenue of expression for me.

My jewelry designs reflect industrial and organic forms, showing that this marriage can be both fashionable and artistic.

I spend much energy seeking independent designers and/or local goods and foods. There's something about having the opportunity to feel connected to the artistry or craftsmanship of an item by being connected to the maker that makes it all worth the extra steps.

My husband and children are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me. I also draw from my personal pursuits of rock climbing, organic gardening, reading, and fine art.


  1. Great blog! I am so jealous of your space to make jewelry...and all your tools...and supplies! :) My blog:

  2. Your blog's looking gr8! Got your kind comment on my blog and wanted to give you a head's up on a second etsy shop exposure feature I'm implementing...head on over and read my latest comment on the "Etsy Seller of the Week" thread post...good luck with your work(it's awesome by the way!) and take care...God bless...Dava :D