Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unexposed Talent: Treasures from Hawaii

While many of us are stuck in limbo waiting for the weather to start acting like it's spring, some lucky folks live in a year-round paradise.

Dava, from Treasures from Hawaii , is rightfully inspired to capture the riches of her homeland. She takes fine-art photographs of her surroundings, sharing with us the grand beauty as well as the tiniest detail of the natural world around her.

She also creates beach-in-a-bottle items for the rest if us to covet. She fills each bottle with sand, shells, coral, beach glass and other unique items that she personally collects from Kauai's seashores.

I'll take a beach-in-a-bottle and her TrueLoveBetweenThePalms,HawaiianStyle photo and hold on tight until mother nature decides to let the north easterners among us have a taste of paradise too.

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  1. Dava's photographs are beautiful, aren't they! She has such a fun shop.