Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Back, Looking forward

We pulled it off. The surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents was a success. The secret was even kept by 2 small girls who love to drop hints. The celebration had it all—roughly 40 guests, 3 courses of food galore, and a tropical storm (which we welcomed, after being downgraded from hurricane).

A kind friend loaned a very large tent to the cause, which filled our entire yard and gave the guests a dry place to get a little elbow room. Our backyard big top was a comforting refuge from the wind and rain, and twinkling lights and candles gave it a cozy ambiance.

Would you like to see photos of this celebration? Yes, me too. But somehow, between keeping up with the food, catching up with family members, and peeking out back to make sure the tent hadn't blown over, I forgot to take pictures. Shame, I know. But I get comfort in my memories of the day, and know that I will get a glimpse of photos from family members to look back on.

For now, I have these images to share—the remnants of the celebration that linger in our home.

Two weeks of home and yard preparation and 3 solid days of cooking may explain why our crafting and cooking for fun came to a screeching halt.
Today, we look our last two days of care-free summer pleasure, to eating all those party leftovers, to the start of a new soccer season, and to the gears of my metals shop cranking once again.

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