Thursday, August 27, 2009


Alas, today brings the last of the blueberry recipes—and it only seems fitting, as we experience a break in the heat and wake to a crisp, dry 60-degree morning. It's as if, just like that, the summer weather has set its sights on back to school and apple-picking season.

We have eaten the majority of our blueberry glut frozen, like little hard candies. The remainder of those berries went into yogurt and scones, were served up with homemade whipped cream, or as an icy treat.

Today's recipe is the result of setting the girls free in the kitchen to do what they wished with a bowl of berries. They raided the drawers choosing a cheese grater, meat tenderizer, and wire whisk, among other tools, to transform bananas and blueberries into, well, mush.

The final product was surprisingly delicious, with a pudding-like consistency and a rich flavor. This is a snack to be eaten immediately, as the mashed banana will soon turn brown.

Those little chefs have thought up a healthy snack—one they plan to put on the menu at the restaurant they are going to have when they grow up (it's a perfect plan, since one girl aspires to be a chef and the other longs to be a waitress). They have generously given me permission to share the recipe with you. Enjoy!

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