Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Brrr....we had our first frost today in New England. Our heat cranked on for the first time since last April and filled our home with that comforting smell (I guess that would be the smell of hot iron radiators). We're remembering how to stay warm and so today I'll be wearing layers to my (chilly) basement workshop.

Before I start my commute down those stairs, I thought I'd share a few new pieces I've been working on. Two rings, both from the Raw Series: The Threaded Oval Ring (right) and the Raw Dome Ring (left).

Things are starting to happen on the wholesale side again (yay!) so for the next few days, I'll be spending lots of time creating in the workshop. Hat, scarf, cuppa tea, NPR—check!


  1. What beautiful work you do. Bundle up tight, and I hope you get a lot accomplished.

  2. ha! Jennifer, you must scoff at my making a big deal out of our first frost, when you are wading knee-deep in snow!

  3. The work of your hands is incredible!
    I have always been drawn to this medium, the entire process is beautiful! Your day sounds pretty perfect to me!