Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Remembery Capsule

So this is the project I mentioned the other day. The Remembery Capsule: A little cylinder of memories that have been captured in personalized tokens.

I made this remembery capsule for some friends of mine as a wedding gift and finally gave it to them last night. I say finally because, well, they got married in 2006. I know, it is so far beyond the wedding gift etiquette, I should be ashamed of myself.

This no-longer-newlywed couple is not your average duo. They are hikers, skiers, fishermen, engineers, crafters, marketing gurus, gardeners, business owners, oh—and they just built a house, much of it with their own hands. They truly live life to the fullest, and they have sought experiences in many places around the country and the globe.

It was only fitting that their wedding gift reflect their many adventures together. I chose topo maps for the notable locations where they have spent their time and put each one in a token, with the corresponding date.

Each token fits neatly into the capsule.

The tokens are made from two copper discs, riveted together, with the map sandwiched in between.

Tiny sterling silver skis were soldered to the top, to make the box more personal for the bride and groom (ok—you're right, maybe I shouldn't call them that three years after the fact).
The best part of all? I left plenty of room to add more tokens as they continue their adventurous journey together.

I plan to offer the Remembery Capsules in my shop soon, customizable for any occasion. They can document a family's journey (wedding pic, new home, one for each child, pets, etc...), or celebrate a single occasion (a capsule full of wedding photos), a child's life (birth, kindergarten, first lost tooth, etc...), or whatever you can dream up (a capsule full of bird illustrations, because you love birds, for example). I made one for my own family that I will share with you soon.

About the name:
The word remembery was invented by my then-three-year-old daughter who confused the words remember and memory. We love that word, and we use it all the time. Maybe you'll add that one to your vocabulary, too!


  1. What a great idea, they are going to love it, and just think,now it won't get lost in a sea of wedding gifts.

  2. I would love to get these as a wedding present (or any kind of present come to that!) I agree with Jennifer - the lateness just lets them enjoy them all the more! Love your blog - visiting from the fishbowl x

  3. Jennifer--that's a good angle. I'm gonna run with that.
    Mousy and Regina--thanks for stopping by :)

  4. this is a wonderful gift and a great idea!!! i have a newlywed couple i'd love to give this gift to so i'll be visiting your shop often. best wishes amy :)

  5. holy! what an awesome wedding present! I just got married last week and may need to pick up one for myself. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I've been distracted from the fish bowl classes with the whole wedding and honeymoon thing, but am catching up now. Your work is fabulous and I'm completely impressed by all your metalwork!

  6. Amy, thanks for sending me the link to this most creative and amazing gift ever! What a lovely and thoughtful way to honour your friends. I love the way it looks like something that was lost in a expedition and found many years afterwards with precious info in it. Not to mention the fabulous name: Remembery Capsules!