Friday, October 2, 2009

Nature's Prizes

Nature tables (or nature corners) are places where folks place their collection of treasures found in nature. The objects change with the seasons, naturally, and serve as a connection to the landscape we live within. They can include seasonal crafted items and artwork, as well.

We don't really have one dedicated spot in our home to showcase all our finds from the world outside. Instead, we have bits of nature scattered about the house—artful arrangements here, haphazard piles there. Some are permanent works in our collection, like our shells and sea glass, others come and go, are used to create art, or eventually get tossed back outside to make room for current finds.

We really love our cache of nature's prizes and seasonal artwork, so we're excited to participate in the Seasons Round Exchange for the first time. It is an exchange of items from our nature corners, centered around an appropriate seasonal theme. The exchange's creator came up with the idea as a way to keep the magic of the nature table alive for her children. The hope is that the exchange will bring the joy of the seasons to our homes and hearts.

We're curious to find out where we'll be sending out our package to, we're inspired to find and create a small handful of treasures to send out, and we're so looking forward to receiving a package from our partner! I'll be sure to share our experience as we go along.

The theme of the current exchange is Winter {light}, and sign ups are happening on the Seasons Round site right now, but limited to 100 participants (So, quick! Sign up to be a part of this!).

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