Monday, March 8, 2010

Design in the Drink

This weekend we found design in some unlikely places—our drinks:

Just-juiced fruits and veggies merged, then separated into a rainbow of layers.

Before it was stirred, the chocolate syrup lay in heavy swirls on the bottom of a glass of milk.

Where have you been finding design?


  1. beautiful! i love the places and things that capture my attention! sticks, branches, and twigs have caught my attention lately. all this bareness that is now starting to bud to life.

  2. Your Juiced fruits and veggies look gorgeous - I love the rainbow. For me, I have to say the sun is inspiring me right now - I can't believe how much more alive I feel with a bit of blue sky and sunshine outside - I keep forgetting how cold it still is and leaving all the windows and doors open - it is only frostbite that reminds me! :D

  3. it's amazing the things you see when you remember to Look; beatiful!

  4. I just think that it says so much about your creative spirit that you looked at these two things and saw something really cool and unique :)
    Really neat photos