Saturday, May 29, 2010


Eight things I love about you, on your eighth birthday

1. That you have been completely obsessed with horses since you were one and a half
2. That you still like to rub my belly, even though your sister isn't in there anymore
3. How you call your daddy "Lil' Doe"
4. That you invented a whole new Mama language
5. Your new dance
6. That you write spelling-word sentences like this one: "My neighbor is as grumpy as a bull who planted his horns in the ground."
7. That you find ticks on your sister and pets
8. That you defend me from Dada's tickling

Happy birthday to the sweetest, horsey-est, goofy-est, smartest girl I know. I'm lucky to be your Mama.


  1. happy birthday lucy may! (what a beautiful name!) and to you too, amy!

  2. Happy Birthdays from us over here - hope its a good one!! :D

  3. oh she is a beauty!! happy birthday to her!

  4. oh you're making me tear up over here. what a beautiful joyful girl she is, looking very much like her mama.

  5. Such sweetness!
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl and to you Amy! My son turns eight in July : )

  6. thanks all! I wanted to write this for her because these days she likes to read my blog posts. She read it on her birthday and said with a giggle, "yeah, that IS a good dance."

  7. Oh HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! She is gorgeous and i love this photo! Such a sweet lovely post and it made me a little misty! I really love the way she calls her papa "Lil' Doe" ~ too cute! I hope you and your love ones had a great wonderful merry birthday celebration! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  8. this is the sweetest! happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  9. oh happy happy birthday sweet girl! you are a gorgeous, smiley one, aren't you?

  10. So like her mama! :) Love how she calls her dad "Lil' Doe"... Smiling...