Monday, May 17, 2010

Moss Platter Tutorial

It's hard to be completely original when it comes to craft show booth design. Seems like it's all been done, or is beyond my resources. I've been wanting to add new features to my display tables, including a new way to display my rings, so when I came across instructions for a moss garden, a switch was flicked. I had an idea.

Here's how to do it:
Use a shallow pan, platter, or tray and fill it with soil. I found a good reason to use the silver platters that once belonged to my mother's cousin. You do not want your container to have holes in the bottom.

Next, moisten the soil but don't get it completely wet—no puddles.

Now you need some moss. You can find it on the ground or growing on rocks in damp, shady areas. Place your moss on top of the soil, and gently press it down.

Spray the top of the moss with water. You'll want to keep it moist by misting it every other day. If you can collect rain water for this purpose, that's best, but tap water will work fine as well. The moss will continue to thrive as long as it is kept damp and out of direct sunlight.

My moss platter ring displays drew a slew of compliments and I found myself giving this tutorial verbally many times throughout the weekend. The dishes of emerald greenery have now found a new home on our table. They are gorgeous as is, but I am pondering the addition of flowers, pretty rocks, and whatever else the girls can dream up to add (think: tiny horses). There is so much potential here...

UPDATE: Do you recall the Remembery Capsule I made that got lost in the mail? Well I forgot to tell you it was finally delivered, in perfect condition! Where it had been, nobody knows. The woman who had ordered it even stopped by to say hello at the show this weekend. How wonderful it was to meet the person behind that special memorial.


  1. oh. my. god. i. love. this!!! genuis x

  2. what a fabulous way to display your rings! i can totally see beautiful rocks throughout the moss. you could even write individual words on the rocks for a more thought provoking display! thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your left column there. That must've made you so sad to think that the woman's capsule was lost. Im so glad to hear it came from wherever it was stalling!


  4. Brilliant display. And wouldnt that make a cool table centrepiece!

  5. Such a beautiful idea! And Gwynneth's right, it would make a lovely centrepiece for a table. Gorgeous for a wedding...

    The organic nature of your work is really complimented by the natural display!

    And I'm glad to hear the lost capsule was found!

  6. what a wonderful idea! and yay for finding lost mail!

  7. This is GREAT Amy!! I love it with all of your rings displayed! It really shows them off so well. Thank goodness your package finally arrived safely. What a relief I am sure.

  8. Wow - beautiful - although I can see the appeal of little horses - I can see a July plan hatching.....:D

    Ps Hope the weekend went well - can't see how it could be anything but a success - those rings look stunning! xxx

  9. This is so beautiful! I love the idea and the use of the silver. (And I love getting a peek at you at work!) And YAY about the capsule being delivered!
    YAY again!

  10. WOW such a wonderful tutorial. I have always wonder how to make one! Thanks so much for sharing!! I really adore idea why but i do. Love to you!