Monday, May 3, 2010

Making and Doing

It's show season! Or, It's show season, oh my. I have a million things to do including designing and fabricating an entire new line of products in addition to making lots of jewelry, new and old, to have on hand. Oh, and I also need to expand/improve my displays, locate another table, etc....

I'm relieved to have already been working on a few new products to offer. Until recently, I have made jewelry and jewelry only. But I came to realize that many shoppers who attend artisan fairs are just looking to browse, and maybe make a few small impulse buys. In my book, and $88 ring is far from an impulse buy, yet that's basically what I have had to offer.

So last fall I decided to expand my product line. I started with the bookmarks and Remembery Capsules and my newest product is magnets.

Silver wire was bent and twisted to form words or images that make a simple statement. A beat-up copper disc provides a background for the shiny wire.

I was inspired by Molly of A Foothill Home Companion, who made a dishtowel with the words "make" and "do." Making and doing—two verbs that sum up how I spend most days. They are uncomplicated words that can imply so much, while remaining so very common and practical.

I gussied up an old roasting pan to serve as a display for these, and hopefully a few more magnets will make their way out of my workshop in time for the upcoming show. I'd love some suggestions—is there an image or word that you would love to see on a magnet like this?


  1. yes, they're all a bunch of browsers! The lot of them! But your rememberies and magnets and everything else will stop them in their tracks and make them take out large bills to give you without a second thought.

  2. how about 'slow' and 'down' and 'calm' words that would subconsciously sink in....?

  3. love that make do magnet.
    well wishes with your show preparations, it's so much work isn't it?

  4. I love these magnets! I think it's great that you're branching out a bit for the browsers. I'm sure there are also buyers out there, like me, who admire jewelry but don't actually wear it. I was so happy to see your bookmark range and can't wait to see what else you come up with!

    P.S. Thanks for sharing your name stories! :) Those are such pretty names--I love that they're harmonious with each other but still sound so different.

  5. Wow - I love those Amy! I am going to put some on my wish list.....Live and laugh maybe???? :D

  6. love
    how many do I get to suggest?


  7. have you thought of doing plant markers? like, 'basil', 'mint' type thing? that would be lovely! and i bet would get impulse-buyers!!!

  8. Oh yes, the plant markers would be so cool. I always love seeing glimpses of your amazing art Amy! I love it all.


  9. hooray for
    beat up copper
    it looks amazing!

  10. Oh Amy, i LOVE your new magnets!! So very inspiring and meaningful! You always make such wonderful creations! Maybe "Dream", "Hope" and "Believe"? Have a lovely merry happy day and i hope your having a good week so far! Love to yoU!

  11. Great, love them. How about "breathe" or has someone already said that?!

  12. I love that you are always creating something new!
    These are great, and you already know I love the plant marker idea that I see others here are wishing to see too!

  13. WOW, this is so inspiring, you certainly have your hands full right now!!!!!! I love the magnets, some suggestions are "love", "happy" or "joy" and "ease".

    I love handmade jewelry, but I find it tricky to buy for others than myself. Some friends are easier than others, but it's so personal? When it comes to gifts, I'm glad when I find something that has a practical use. If that makes sense? Bit of customer feedback... ;)

    I would LOVE plant markers!!!!

    Oh, also wanted to say that I LOVE your new About Info!

  14. Ohhh... what if the plant markers were made like the word elemental in your banner, but with plant names - and the part to the right was longer and was the part you put into the soil? It would be like garden sculptures and plant markers all in one!!!

  15. I love these words! About the remembery capsules...was the one lost in the mail ever found? Hoping so...

  16. great job coming up with another product in a different price range. i love the look of the magnets! they are so rustic.

  17. Make & Do are in my kitchen so I can see them everyday!!