Friday, April 30, 2010

Corner View and More of the Outdoors

After a bit of a departure from the Corner Views, I am happy to be back with this week's prompt: "animals."

This is our "yoga kitty," who sleeps on his back, with his head and shoulders twisted, arms hovering in the air. It's bizarre. A certain six year old couldn't resist putting her head between his paws and pretending she is being snuggled with, but he is sound asleep.

I also flaked out on the Great Outdoor Challenge last week. Oh, we got outdoors, and I got pictures, but I just forgot to include them in my posts. So here's a few to finish up the month-long celebration.

Who doesn't love a chariot ride?

I got all paparazzi the other day and tried to sneak a few shots of the kids in their secret hideout.

But alas, the camera shutter gave me away and security swiftly moved into action. I was told "no pictures allowed, Mama," followed by pleas of "Don't put that picture on your blog, nobody can know where our hideout is!"

Don't tell, OK?

Happy Weekending!


  1. Laughing, okay, I won't tell! What a lot of outdoors fun!

  2. Such outdoor fun!! Love these photos and im laughing too! Promise i wont tell as well! I adore that gorgous custom made necklace you made for lovely mousy brown! Your work is always so gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. oooh...that chariot looks awesome!! i love trying to sneak pics of my son but he always catches me and then gives me a super goofy face! have a fun weekend. love, pennie

  4. oh yeah, i've been getting a lot of the "don't blog about this" from my kids. heaven forbid i quote my daughter these days!

  5. I'm giggling a little - security busted you! Your kids are so adorable.

  6. Pretty soon the Boy will be telling me NOT to blog about _______. I'll enjoy his hamming it up while it lasts!

  7. hmmm, looks like a cedar tree. i'm definitely on their trail. ; )