Friday, September 10, 2010

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Blogging is a funny thing. We make so many online connections and, if we're lucky, we get to know each other quite well. But even still, these friendships are limited, and there are always parts of our lives we will keep to ourselves, or things that seem insignificant enough just leave out of our blogging topics.

Every now and then, people post random facts about themselves and I always enjoy those posts so much. Lacking a blog topic at the moment, I thought I'd give it a shot, and let you in on a few things about me you might not know.

Red Rocks, Nevada 1999
1. I grew up on boats, but rarely get the chance to go for boat rides nowadays.

2. I once spent 3 days hanging on a cliff, rock climbing El Capitan (the Salathe Wall route) in Yosemite. 

3. I was once forced to sing Glen Medieros' "Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You" in front of a crowd at an English school in Vietnam (it's a loooong story, but if you have a moment, check out the link to the video. I promise it will make you laugh).

4. I love savory dinner food for breakfast. Cold leftovers are so much better than oatmeal.

5. My eyes are blue but I have a brown spot on my left iris, and so does my sister.

6. I got married on a whim in Las Vegas.

7. I sailed on a ship around the world, visiting 10 countries, for a study abroad semester.

8. I (not so secretly) want to be a painter when I grow up.

9. Each night in bed, I worry that I wasn't a good enough mother that day. 

10. I was a competitive swimmer for all of my youth, and as a result I get completely giddy watching the summer Olympic swimming events.
Kindergarten, 1979
So there you have it. A brief history of me.
Emily did this last spring, and even took it step further, inviting her readers to ask what they want to know about her. I loved reading the questions people had, as well as her answers, so today I am inviting you to do the same. Ask away, and I will answer your questions next week. 


  1. You are fascinating! Glen Medeiros?! You have had a lot of cool adventures. It is interesting how much you give to your children everyday and still wonder if you did a good job. I am betting you did! Thanks for sharing; it's a wonderful post! Be well, Angela

  2. ooh! i love tell-alls! i have a feeling that nearly every mother feels #9 right down to her bone. there are nights it keeps me up well in to the wee hours, wanting to wake up my kids and saying "i want to change this, this, and this about how i went about things today."

    you were such a cutie in kindergarten - still are!

  3. we would be best friends in real life. I KNOW it. I would make you roasted potato and green bean omelets every day.

  4. Oh amy this is such a lovely post! You had such cool adventures!! You have been to soo many's amazing and very inspiring. Thanks so much for this fun post! Have alovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  5. You are so cool, Amy! What a super fun post!!!

  6. so true, blogging is a strange thing, a filter where we choose what to show others.

    it's fun to see into a bit of your life you don't usually share here.

    you've sailed around the world? that, is truly magical.

  7. I love this post and getting to know more about you. I'll think of some questions which I'll post when I get back from Nashville but for the moment I have only one request and it's the same one I have of Emily too by the way and that's......I would like to see more photos of you. I'm wanting to know what all of my kindren blogging friends look like.

  8. I will have to tell Valarie the photographer story too! Wow - I love all those facts, you remind me of wonder-woman....what amazing lives all of us have led - I sort of guess that means everybody must have when you dig a little deeper? Questions.....What is your favourite moment of the day? What are your favourite materials to work with? How old do you feel? Are you an old or young soul? What is your favourite book/movie/song? I will stop there but let me know if you want more - I still have plenty :D

  9. You are such an adventuresome person! I love it!
    How old were you when you married? what is your schooling background? Do you want more kids?

  10. Wow Amy - You are so cool!
    What adventures you've been on - even your wedding was such an adventure ;D


  11. I love your list!! I think it's awesome that you got married on a whim. That would have killed my mom ;o) and as for your number 9, welcome to the club! I think all moms have the same thought

  12. In a way my husband and I were married on a whim. Whenever people ask how we met, because we fit so well together, Im always like, well it doesn't usually work out so well for most, but for us...

    You are such an adventurous gal! Love that pic of you and your hubby.