Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Things: A Summer Summary

My first grader is quite excited to have homework of her own, now that she is a "grader." (I'm tempted to get some video footage of her homework enthusiasm so I can show it to her in 10 years). One of her assignments this week is to gather 5 things that represent what she did over summer vacation. As we gathered seashells, arcade tickets, carabiners, and more, I thought about what 5 things I would choose to represent my summer.
After giving it some thought, I decided that finding actual objects would be too ambiguous for me, so I chose 5 images, with words to accompany them, instead.

carousels (lots of them)

ice cream (lots of it)

initials (lots of them)

sand (dunes of it)

                                                    sisters (just two)


  1. Lovely-I love your images of summer! I hear ya' on keeping the enthusiasm about homework. ;)
    Be well, Angela

  2. What great inspiration she brought for you to reflect on your own summer.... I love your images!

    I'm doing something similar....
    and I would like to invite you to a SUMMERIZING event I'm hosting.
    Take a look, it would be great if you took part in it ;)

  3. What a great sum up of summer. I love ice cream and carousels. That and coffee would be a perfect summer for me.

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful summer, and I wish you the very best for Autumn as well.

  5. love your list here amy.
    a beautiful summer indeed.

  6. Meep...this is veeerrryyy cute! Especially the sisters at the shore, just the two of them, of course.

    My "first grader" gets homework from her big sister. It's a page that says homework at the top and a bunch of lines. It's kinda funny, but they take it very seriously.


  7. That is a nice kind of homework, and a nice way to transition away from summer.

  8. looks like you had a delicious summer! how could you not with carousels, dunes, water, artwork, and an ice cream place called sundae school?

  9. That looks my kind of summer (and much nicer weather than here too!) We have mixed feelings on homework here One (big one) hates it but gets on with it, One (little one) loves it but always wants to do it another time....ho hum :D

  10. Oh, Amy, my first grader has so darn much homework (they had it in K, too!) that I sent a note saying "too much!" to the teacher and decided I was not going to make Lala do it all! she had enthusiasm for half of K, then is waned. No fun forcing HW on a little kid!