Friday, September 17, 2010

Questions Answered

In the previous post, I invited you to ask any questions you had about me. Today, the answers.

Valarie asked to see more pictures of me, but after pouring over LOTS of family photos, I realized that I am always the photographer, not the subject. As a result, there are very few of me. Of the photos I am in, I'm always wearing sunglasses. I had no idea I wore them so much.

Emily had a few questions:
What is your favorite moment of the day? Easy. Picking the girls up at school. They both run to me as fast as they can and crash into me with a full-force hug. I actually have to brace myself! It seems like they have grown a bit each day, too, which makes me sad/happy/proud/amazed. 
What are your favorite materials to work with? Well, of course, I do love metal. I wish I could work with gold a little more often. It is really an experience to behold. There's something about the ancient-ness (I made up a new word!) of it that makes me feel like I've been let in on a secret thousands of years old. 
I have to add that I love painting as well. Acrylics do for now, but someday when I have the dream studio (ha!) I will paint with oils again. 
How old do you feel? Are you an old soul or a young soul? Hmn. I never thought about this, but I would have to say that it really depends on the day and the people I am surrounded by. I will admit to more and more gray hairs popping up each month, which I am not particularly a fan of. I suppose this serves to remind me that I'm no spring chicken anymore. Or am I? 
What is your favorite book/movie/song? One book? Impossible for me to name just one. I'll mention a few of my all-time favorites, though: East of Eden, The Poisonwood Bible, To Kill a Mockingbird.
I don't think I have a favorite movie, and my favorite song is Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers. I have some very strong, special memories associated with that song and each and every time I heard it, I am transported back to those times and places. 

Nicola asked:
How old were you when you married? I was 25, the old man was 23. Heh. 
What is your schooling background? I went to public school through high school, then attended Colorado State University, where I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 
Do you want more kids? Yes, but no. Does that make sense? We have decided our family is complete as it is, but if my heart overtook my brain on this matter, there would be many more little Ambroults. 


  1. I love the question about how old you feel. So interesting to read your perspective on it! You look so young and beautiful to me! (Ditto here on photographer and sunglasses!)

    I think about this often! Sometimes, I still feel 24. I think of myself as younger than many people I know, then am startled to realize I am older, sometimes by several years. And the feeling old end of it...since I have had kids, there are days I feel so worn and too old for my age.

    And the books, I have a friend reading The Poisonwood Bible for their book club and she can't get into it and neither can any of her friends!


  2. OH I love these answers. Thanks for the photo. My dad always said,"you're only as old as you feel." As the years go up how I feel gets younger and younger. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh, you look so glamorous! And I can just picture your girls charging at you at the end of their school day! Smiling...

  4. lovely questions - i submit a challenge to you to rectify the lack of photographs! : )

  5. Great Q & A. More pics would be nice but I know what you mean, always the photographer. And I tried with the Poisonwood Bible AND East of Eden. No go for me.

  6. This week has been a killer - in totally good ways but still not a second to myself - thus I am only just getting around to reading and catching up now! (It is going to take some time to get used to this working thing!!) Love your answers and I agree totally on that last one - every now and again I wobble but the head says no and I guess thats right for now.....xx

  7. Look at how pretty you and your girls are! I loved your answers. Hmm I really have to read the Poisonwood Bible. I can't believe I haven't read it yet. I love how your girls run to you after school!
    Be well, Angela

  8. Such a lovely post and i adore that photo of you and your little ones! It's such fun to read your answers to these questions. Love to you!

  9. Isnt it funny that you didnt realize you wore sunglasses so much! I love when I realize something so obvious to others that I had no idea of.