Monday, July 20, 2009

Buckets o' Fun

I spent some time last week making these MayaMade Buckets—one for each of my girls, and one as a little-girl gift. I had come across rave reviews of this bucket pattern on more than one blog, and I knew we could find so many great uses for them. I imagined them as toy storage, as a caddie for random items, or as my current-knitting-project basket. My girls, however, came up with a few uses I hadn't considered—like MacGyvering them onto a zip line, or as hats with funny ear straps.

They were originally designed to be made with repurposed burlap coffee sacks, but lacking those, I used what I had. I do have a few planned for myself soon, and hope to get my hands on some old burlap sacks first.

I'll most likely share pictures of the grown-up versions of the buckets once they are finished. But something tells me they will be reinvented into thingamajigs and whoseywhatseys by a certain five- and seven-year-old before I can claim them as my own.

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