Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Solution

As I mentioned before, our hungry hens have been destroying our garden—scratching, trampling, pecking and eating the already challenged veggies (read more about that here). It was clear, we needed fences around all the gardens but I did not want to spend any more money on this cause.

The solution? Sticks. We had a pile of sticks in the back corner of our yard so we poked them into the ground around the perimeter of the garden. Even though the chickens could fly over the fence if they really wanted, the sharp, twisted branches seemed to be enough of a visual barrier to keep them at bay—until they figured out they could squeeze between them. Imagine our surprise when we found all the chickens on the wrong side of the fence eating the lettuce. Foiled. So we added more sticks, filling in the spaces, and the chickens have not had lettuce for lunch since. Or perhaps I should say, yet.

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