Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She Made You a Beard

Now this is what I call creative. I found these yarn and felt beards on Etsy a few weeks ago and can't stop laughing about them.

Erin is the genius behind I Made You a Beard, her little Portland, Oregon-based beard crafting company. She says she was born without the ability to grow a beard, so she now makes them to help people like her blend in with their bearded compatriots. (Finally!) Adaptable to different head sizes and backed with cotton lining for stability, there is surely a beard to fit and please everyone.

This whole concept makes me giggle but Erin takes it a step further with her humorous descriptions. Read them and be entertained. Here's a good one: "To me, this is the perfect everyday beard. Stylish, but not too flashy; the classic piece you have been dying to add to your wardrobe."

Hysterical. Browse her shop and read some descriptions—for fun or for serious beard shopping. I have a feeling you, like many before, will want her to make you a beard.


  1. This made me start thinking about Halloween!
    I enjoy your blog.

  2. haha. I know--My kids saw them and they each want one for halloween now too! Who can resist?!