Monday, July 6, 2009

"Craftsman/Piano Playing Coffee Barista?"

"Craftsman/piano playing coffee barista"—that is how my good friend recently described my husband. As a major creative force in our home, I think it's time you got to know him.

He is a carpenter by trade and an artist in all aspects of his life. Having him as part of our family is good in so many ways. We get live piano performances daily, custom made furniture to fit the wonky spaces in our old house, home made candy (his sweet tooth benefits us all in that way), and lattes or cappuccinos whenever we (ok, I) need one.

His current wood shop projects include chess pieces, a bench to go with the table he recently completed, and a banjo. Yup, he's making a banjo.

So that's him in a nutshell. Now that you've heard a bit about this endlessly talented man I get to call my husband, you'll feel like you know him when I include him in future posts. His projects and experiences leave me no shortage of expertly crafted items and interesting stories to blog about. Tune in soon to see more of his work...

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