Thursday, December 31, 2009

Between (and sugar on top)

The week between Christmas and New Years is always a unique one. A week filled with a bit of reflection as we absorb the events of the past year, mixed with a sense of anticipation and renewal, as we await the new year. Kate, of Marmalade Moon recently wrote about these days, the "days in between," or “mellandagarna,” in her native Swedish. I love the idea of giving this week "in between" a name and celebrating it.

When you think about it, most of us do celebrate it, in our own ways. This year, we have been celebrating mostly with food (our very favorite way to commemorate occasion). Cooking and eating some old favorites and trying a few new recipes, too.

Banana bread has always been a favorite, but it was taken to another level after a friend told me what she recently ordered at a diner: banana bread toasted with butter and powdered sugar sprinkled on top (!). So we baked a loaf, using our preferred recipe, thickly sliced it, slathered it with butter and sifted the sugar onto it and, wow. The sugar dissolves into the melted butter, becoming something reminiscent of frosting (which is always good for breakfast. My mother would be proud—and I am being completely serious). This may be a fantastic new tradition for us—ringing in the new year with some good ol' sugar coated bread.

Wishing you a peaceful new year!

A thousand thanks for stopping by this little place and commenting. This blog has been a wonderful avenue of artistic expression and you, the readers, have motivated and inspired me to continue on a creative path. I look forward to sharing so much more in the new year. Best wishes for the new decade!


  1. Now that looks delicious. Happy New Year!

  2. I can't wait to tell your mother that you're eating frosting for breakfast. ;-)
    Happy new year!

  3. What a delicious idea! Hope you have a wonderful New Year xxx

  4. Hello and thanks so much for linking to my blog! This banana bread looks wickedly delicious!

  5. I am certainly loving this in between time, even now that the new year is here I feel that I am still holding on a bit longer to the festive season! Warm wishes to you in this new year Amy!!

  6. Yummmy, i really like the inbetween week idea...ill have to make sure i post to Kates blog too.... i've been a bit vacant for the past 10 days - so back to it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, i love the banana bread addition (ive been eating quite a bit of it this past week myself) yummmmm....

    I'll be back soon for more reading of your lovely blogspot later on with a nice cup of tea during my break. :-)

    Happy 2010!