Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Special Package

On Monday we sent off a package to our Seasons Round Exchange partners. Here's a peek at what was in the box that is on it's way to our new friends in Oregon.

A Remembery Token, complete with photos of our partnering family.

Crocheted holiday lights (pattern here)

A few homemade crayons, recycled from our old crayon stubs

We also included a gorgeous walnut sliding dovetail box, made by our resident woodworker, as well as a bunch of those beeswax ornaments we made last week.

...and we topped the box off with a bunch of treasures from our nature corner(s).

I had frequent contact with our partner over the past month and a half, and it has been wonderful getting to know her. She was so open and willing to share herself and her family, and through this we have forged a bit of a friendship (the kind you can somehow have with another person who you share much in common with but have never actually met).

The girls have enjoyed the geography lessons and the crafting sessions. They took special care in choosing items from our stock of natures prizes, including a crab claw and some seashells, for our partner family that doesn't live too close to the coast. By the time the box was all packed and ready to ship, the girls were referring to the other children by name.

It was such a great experience, we will likely continue our participation in the exchange in the future. Until then, we eagerly await the arrival of the incoming package from Oregon. I can't wait to show you what treasures we receive!


  1. LOVE the crochet holiday lights, OMG!!!


  2. What a wonderful gift to receive, your swap partner is so lucky! Can I sign up for next year now?! :)

  3. What a wonderful exchange - such beautiful and thoughtful items. This is lots of fun.
    Warm wishes.

  4. What a fabulous gift exchange, and you picked your gifts with such great care and thought. Your gifts reflect your lovely family, both as a group and as individuals! Thank you for the smiles this brought me, and for the inspiration!