Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wellness Tree

Nicole, from GardenMama, has made a new blog project in honor of her friend, Kelly, who is battling a rare form of cancer. The Wellness Tree is "a project for making one handmade ornament with a positive wish for Kelly's future attached to it."

It is Nicole's hope (as well as mine and everybody else who chooses to get involved) that these well-wishing ornaments will inspire, uplift, and encourage Kelly as she fights this disease. Each ornament received is posted on the blog, and once all the ornaments have arrived, Nicole will send them off to Kelly, so that she may display them and surround herself with positive and supportive sentiments.

You can learn more about Kelly, see some photos of her, and read the letter she wrote to her young son at The Wellness Tree. You can also find out where to send your ornament if you choose to make one for Kelly (the ornaments don't have to be seasonal, as she may display them in her home year round).

Sending wishes of hope and healing to Kelly.


  1. How moving... what a good cause and a lovely idea.

  2. I posted about this today too - isn't it a wonderful project? Glad so many people are getting involved x