Thursday, December 17, 2009

What We Got

I showed you what we made for our partner family in the Seasons Round Exchange a few days ago. Now, it's time for the good stuff—what we got! The theme for this exchange was Winter {light}, so they crafted a package featuring items that reflected the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. And so, with no further ado...

A gorgeous paper luminary (look at the details on the moon!). Sunlight shines through it radiantly in front of the window and glowing candlelight flickers through it nicely. Our partner, Lesli, told me this was made from kite paper and I needed to know more, so she kindly directed me here.

A beautiful art card, made by local (to our partner) artist, Shelia DeJohn. This photo does not do the print justice. And look at the tree branch holder they sent to display it in! (in a funny misinterpretation, we originally put the paper luminary in this holder. After Lesli mentioned that the holder was for the card, we realized that made much more sense.)

She also made these adorable stuffed stars, and very generously included one for each of my girls. Made from pure wool felt , Leslie stuffed them with local wool that she cleverly sourced. She started by calling her local yarn shops, and eventually found a farm in the area. She and her son had a nice field trip to the farm, where they met the sheep and llamas, and were invited back in the spring to see the lambs.

The stars have little pockets sewn onto the back of them. A tiny treasure was tucked inside each pocket— an agate and a piece of sea glass from the Oregon coast.

And last but not least, a stash of beeswax votives, complete with a simple glass holder. I have raved about the smell of beeswax before but I just can't get enough of it, and these candles are especially fragrant.

With wonderful timing, the post office delivered both packages on the same day, and we exchanged excited emails letting each other know. Each and every item included in the box we received was a delight. Some made with impressive handwork, some chosen with consideration and care, all reflective of a family so far away that seems to value the same things we do.

A thousand thanks to Lesli and her beautiful family!


  1. wow absolutely beautiful and inspiring! so lovely how this bloggy world connects all of us in such creative and positive ways : )

  2. Really beautiful - I definately want to join in next year - what a lovely way to get to know people accross the planet :)

  3. What a fantastic project! Would be great for schools too? The stuffed stars are so imaginative, playful and fun and all the other gifts serene, beautiful and peaceful!