Monday, April 18, 2011

How Do You Do It?

I don't know how y'all do it.

My past few weeks have been quite busy, filling orders one after the next, and going through the lessons in my class. I can't complain. My two children both attend full-time school, which leaves me with a large chunk of daytime working hours, and during those hours, work, I do. But somehow, I'm still working every evening too. And barely finding time for life's work, dinner, and oh, being a parent.

And then there's this wild and wonderful online community of folks who seem to do it all. With grace, and wit, and talent to spare.

Take Lisa, for instance. She home schools her four children, has a photography business, cooks up a storm, and finds time to write thoughtful, honest posts several times a week.

Erin got a surprising amount of posts published while she packed up her home and moved cross-country. And drove there with her two young kids.

Ella writes often, her blog full of gorgeous styling, very cool downloadable freebies, delicious recipes, and fun crafts--all while dealing with a health issue that effects her every day.

Heather is posting creative projects just a few short weeks after the birth of her third child. Oh, and she home schools her two older boys.

So many of you share so much, even when your husbands are far away for long periods of time and all the responsibilities of a family fall square on you (Erin, Emily, Francesca).

Valarie writes often on her three different blogs, in addition to her work as a composer/pianist,and if that wasn't enough, she just started her own publishing company and wrote a book.

Susie runs her busy illustration business, is pregnant with her third child, and is currently packing up/trying to sell her house, in preparation to their big move (newborn in tow) to a different country.

Me? I get a good healthy serving of what I have always wanted--an onslaught of jewelry orders--and I declare that something's gotta give. Total time-management wimp, I know.

I don't know how you all do it, but I'm in awe. (And I'm taking notes.)



  1. i literally often want to know exactly how other people do it. really!

  2. I love this post Amy and I love all the links to great blogging friends. Thanks for including mine. How do I get it all done? .....In little bits and starts. It's really the connection to friends like you and the girls you've mentioned above which makes blogging so fun and I just think, "Hey, I want to share what I'm up to." It's not about getting it all done or being perfect, it's just putting it out there. Big hugs to you Amy and I'm so happy for you and all of your orders. In fact I down right proud of you. Have fun bending metal!

  3. Oh Amy I have had a post brewing about just this for a while - it isn't quite formed but I will let you know when it gets posted because the answer to your question is too long and too complex for this little box! For me (I can't answer for the other amazing ladies) the brief answer is I don't - in no way do I do it all and most of the time I feel I am failing at everything! Every single day is a juggling act and some days we get the balance a little bit better than others...some days I am just happy when we just get through the day with no one sick, injured, crying and I have managed to get some food - even if its chips on the table! The main thing I am learning is to go gently on myself and to try and find one thing a day to be proud of (even if it is just that I didn't shout as much as I wanted too!) Go gently on yourself too Amy, you are being a superwoman! In fact as it's holidays here and I might keel over if I don't give myself enough to do (LOL) I am going to make a papercut to remind you - watch that postbox! xxx

  4. Dearest Amy, this is such an awesome post because i too wonder how these amazing ladies do it! :) I'm juggling and struggling with time on day job, orders, and also creating for the up-comming market in May. I'll be taking notes too and i'm really learning from sweet Val and Emma! Also im really happy for you and your in flowing of orders! Congratz sweet sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. Ah, I wonder that too! I do work part-time while caring for a baby full-time, but I often don't even manage one blog post per week, the dog really needs to get brushed, and our house could pretty much always use some more cleaning...

    But, Amy, maybe it feels like there's always something more to do, but it looks to me like you're doing a lot and doing it very, very well! x

  6. oh, boy. that is such a great question. I wonder that too! I have to think that no one does it all, what you see on blogs are just snippets of a persons life, what they want you to see, no one is going to show the dust bunnies and piles of laundry. You can't do it all well, no one can. And it is so interesting because I don't think there is one man that would wonder this.
    Congrats on all of those orders!!! That is awesome!

  7. And I just read this after I left you.

  8. Amy, this is such a great post and I was also just wondering 'how do these women do it?" and yet there I am smack in the middle of your post as one of the 'amazing' gals ;D Thank you for including me!

    I don't really know how to answer this question, I still feel like I could contribute so much more (I have so many ideas floating in my head) but different priorities come in like work, family and hubby time ;)

    First of all if blogging wasn't FUN for me I would never bother. I am having lots of fun just putting my thoughts and ideas out there and I do my posts as my mood and time allows, and yes there are dust bunnies and piles of laundry - but that will get done eventually ;)

    It's a fun hobby and such a great way to connect with so many inspiring and creative ladies in this universe. It is also a huge therapy tool for me to focus on the positive and stay creative as much as I can ;)

    A big thanks for all the other links on your post - I can't wait to check them out.
    And congrats Amy on your wonderful heap of orders! You Rock ;)

  9. Amy, congratulations on your orders and on taking a new class!

    Blogging, yeah, it takes a lot of time! As a blogger, I've thought a lot about this too... And I've been thinking that really, Facebook is a lot easier and faster to use when it comes to sharing daily bits of personal news with buddies?

    Another thing that's been on my mind lately is that a blog seems to take on a life of it's own! It's so easy to fall into a pattern, unspoken expectations from oneself, blog posts of a type that tends to get a lot of comments, things like that. It's really easy to shake all that off and kind of reignite one's blog!

    Anyways, I ramble. Such an interesting topic for a fellow blogger! Don't forget how much you ARE achieving! Nobody can do it all at once.

  10. Oops! I meant to say that it's NOT easy to shake off one's expectations and style and reignite one's blog! :D

  11. FInding the time to do it all is one of the biggest concerns of any parent. I remember how each time a new baby was born, I'd panic in the morning thinking that I had to manage to get dinner ready in the evening. I think all mothers are wonderful and amazing persons, and it's just incredible how they can manage a family, and also a make careers for themselves, like you did. I"m often a solo parent in the middle of rural nowhere - but I wish I had your talent for making gorgeous jewelry instead!:)

  12. Look at all those packages. Glad you've gotten all that made. I too am in awe of the many bloggers out there. Definitely inspires me, as do you. I love all your creativity! :-)

  13. I have always wondered it myself! I'm right there with you and I don't even do paid work... I loved hearing from the ladies themselves in the comments! Good luck with the eggs. They are good fun to make and look really cute. I came across some tips on how to sew curves from Kim (Retromama) but only after I made mine. So if there's still time have a look at:
    Feel free to link to my wonky eggs!

  14. I am so amazed at you and how you run your business and household! I am not even thinking about doing it all. I just want to do a third of what you do! You are incredible. I think you should include yourself in this post! Congrats on all of the orders!! That is so wonderful!

  15. But YOU are one of those who does it all! Look at you! You have successfully gotten a business going, doing something you love, something you do beautifully, from home. I would say that is success! (Hey, I would love to be successful in this way!)

  16. Success=Busy, Busy, Busy... which also = $, so it's all good. It's so hard to balance it all sometimes, but we just have to do our best. Have a great (and successful) weekend! :)

  17. i know, it's the ultimate conundrum, isn't it!? if you find any tips on the time management part of it, let me know. and congrats on all the orders!

  18. it's all a facade! i'm not even pregnant or moving. i'm not even married. the blog is just an outlet for my ripe fantasy world. fooled you.

    see, in my mind, YOU do it all. Let's just make a pact to agree that we all do what we can and that's enough.

    hope the orders keep pouring in. xo