Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, chickens!

Last week marked the first birthday of our crazy chickens, Rocky, Boxy, Feathery and Princess (as you may have guessed, they were named by our small children).

We celebrated their first year with a "cake," made of rice and corn (their fav foods). Our feathered friends clucked happily while they gobbled it up, but we took a pass on having a slice of that treat.

Our first year of raising chickens has been full of memories -- those tiny fluff-ball chicks, their big move into the new coop, the FIRST egg!, the time they escaped while we were on vacation...the list goes on and on, and they still manage to amuse us endlessly.

Our family takes great pride in having chickens as pets and egg producers. We highly recommend it! Anyone interested in learning about raising backyard chickens can read more here.

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