Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inspiration Station

It happens to everybody, artists and non-artists alike. A lull when you just can't seem to find direction -- in designs, in daily routines, in what to cook for dinner, and in life itself.

Inspiration is the cure-all, but it is inevitably gone when you need it most.

But it is there (resist the urge to roll your eyes here). We simply forget to recognize that the dogwoods bursting pink and white are inspiration. That funny comment from a child? yup, inspiration. So is that interesting scribble, drawn long ago, in your sketchbook, and the seedlings reaching upward. The friend who just competed in her first triathlon, the silent gesture from a family member, the cat slinking across the lawn -- all potential inspiration. Aromas, textures, catch my drift.

Look with fresh eyes and you are bound to find the spark that will get you heading in the right direction again.

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