Monday, May 11, 2009

An Idea Whose Time Has Arrived

Starting with a newspaper article I was reading on slow family living, I clicked through several links until I found myself on the website of the Future Craft Collective.

This brilliant organization's focus is to provide ways to build connections through crafting. On their site and blog, they offer various projects and tutorials to help get you on your creative way.

To give you an idea of what they are all about, the Future Craft Collective answers the question "What are we doing?" with the following:
*We offer ideas for the promotion of self expression
*We want to provide a place for crafters and non-crafters alike to find inspiration
*We want kids to understand the thrill of creation over the desire of consumption

Great reasons to want to be involved, but it was Future Craft Collective's answer to "Why we do it?" that won me over:
"We truly see this as an idea whose time has arrived, and one aimed to arm families, friends and community groups from all over with the tools they need to craft positive change in the world!!"
Their tag line pretty much sums it all up. "Make Stuff Together."

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  1. Brilliant idea, love it. Thanks for sharing!