Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paper Creations, Part I

Origami. One more of A's seemingly endless talents and hobbies. Yet another skill he spends his time honing, along with playing piano, creating in his wood shop, or whipping up homemade candies. Over the years has folded scores of tiny animals—penguins, giraffes, chickens, humming birds, kangaroos, each one more amazing than the last.

Recently, he has departed from origami animals and is taking on modular polyhedra. That's a mouthful, I know, but it's just origami that is based on folding a simple unit over and over.

This giant star (or, stellated dodecahedron) was made from 30 sheets of paper folded exactly the same way, then assembled using interlocking flaps. It's surprisingly heavy and strong, but the true appeal is its sheer enormity. It virtually commands you to play with it. If you're up for the challenge the instructions are here

The magic origami ball is my favorite, and it's not just the name that won me over. This ball can be squished into an urn-like shape and tucked into itself to form a disc. It moves in and out like an accordion and it can take many shapes. It's irresistible. Speaking from experience, there's nothing better than a magic origami ball to dwindle away valuable time with. (Watch this video to see how it's made.)

He makes it so easy for me, really. Whenever I am lacking in my own time or creative endeavours to share, I always have A's latest and greatest to gush on about. More from his portfolio coming very soon...


  1. I love origami. I grew up doing it in Japan and my mom recently bought my kids a book and some origami paper. I haven't done any in years and forgotten how much I liked it. That ball looks amazing, what fun.

  2. Very cool! I love seeing the creativity that is going on in your house!

  3. Those are so much fun...when I taught high school I was the origami club advisor...not because I knew anything about origami, but I appreciated the calming and focused effect it had on my students. This is really great work!

  4. Beautiful! And the geometry of it... so appealing for one's eyes to follow the folds... And it made me think of lamp shades! Wouldn't these be gorgeous as lamp shades?!