Monday, January 11, 2010

Henna Art

Santa brought the girls henna this year, and school vacation gave us lots of time to learn about the ancient art form and have fun with it. We started by researching online and found so many inspiring images, like this amazing work of art.

The elaborate designs were striking and the detail is insane. We practiced drawing flowy lines and filled organic shapes with traditional intricacies. The girls sketched their ideas, choosing elements from different references, and came up with original designs.

Practicing the art form on paper was the highlight for the girls, and they filled many pages in their sketch books with mehndi designs.

They each chose their favorite from their own inventive sketches, and I applied the henna. I tried oh so hard to keep pieces true to the original designs, but don't think I did the six-and-seven-year-olds' fine work justice. Seems this mama isn't quite capable of matching the impulsivity and freedom of her kid's art. (I'm workin' on that, though)

After working with the henna on these illustrations, I have the utmost respect for artist who can render that liquid into sprawling designs made of intricate details.

The girls had fun showing everybody their new body art, explaining what they used, and how it was done. I even witnessed my one of them reassuring her grandmother that the henna will wash off in about a week. Not to worry—no real tattoos, like Mama and Daddy. Yet.


  1. my daughter just recently discovered henna - i need to get her some of her own. i'll show her this post too - inspirational! your header is beautiful, BTW,

  2. How fun Amy!
    I love that your girls got so into the artwork!
    Will we be seeing mama's tattoo next!? : )

  3. This looks sooo much fun! I adore hanna art lots too! Your little ones are soo talented and i love their doodles! So inspirational! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  4. What a fun project, Amy! It's fantastic that you worked in so many steps, from research through sketching to final art! I love doing research on projects, so I can imagine how fun that part was too! What an experience for your girls!

  5. That is some truly amazing henna art. It looks like so much fun.

  6. I have always wanted to have a go at that - now I am definately inspired to go and find out more!

  7. Very cool. My girls also got henna for xmas and I just did a blog post about it here

    We really enjoyed it!

  8. Thatts so funny, thats what my hubby says. not yet! He has already planned their first trip in his head!