Thursday, January 7, 2010


Gifts I made and gave aside, I still have a few things to show from the holidays. Today I'm sharing a commissioned work, personalized for a very special Nana. A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to make a few custom gifts from the Remembery tokens. The first request was a bookmark with a token on it (a few of you suggested this idea in my recent bookmark post), and the second was this set of stethoscope charms.

Made with large lobster clasps and sterling silver tokens, these charms clip onto the tubing of a stethoscope. Now Nurse Nana can have her grandchildren proudly on display, ready to show off on a moment's notice. (This is high priority for grandparents, as we have had the joy of coming to understand)

These little tokens invite curiosity and beg to be held, turned over, and inquired about. The combination of the polished silver and the black and white photos give the charms a sleek look that shouldn't be reserved for medical professionals. They could work in so many other applications—backpack pulls, key chains, ID badges, ornaments...

There's gotta be more clever uses for these, but I just can't seem to come up with any right now. So once again, I'm going to defer to you for more charming ideas (sorry, couldn't resist that pun) and uses.


  1. They are lovely! They don't need a use - they are just wonderful in themselves and would be perfect for everyone not just Nanas!

  2. what a great gift idea...and I agree I love their sleek design with the black and white photos.

    thanks so much for your kind comment regarding the interview on Heather's has been wonderful to "meet" so many creative women in this community...heading over to your etsy shop now;)

  3. Yes these tokets are really charming and i simple adore them lots! Oh so many beautiful things you can use it with...this would work perfect for a wonderful charm bracelet or for as a zipper pull for my new pouches project! Your work is gorgeous! I am so happy you drop me a lovely message on my bubble space. Loving your artwork and your lovely space! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and love to you!