Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As you know, I've been featuring my husband "A's " creativity this week. The reasons are many, but he celebrated a birthday the other day, too, and this was my way of shining the spotlight on him. Here's how we celebrated his turning thirty-four:

His gift was this crazy little bonsai tree. Coupled with origami, you'd think he is a dedicated student of the Japanese Arts, wouldn't you? While it hasn't been a conscious decision, he has delved into both origami and the art of the bonsai whole-heartedly. And wait till you see his most recent creative endeavour—a decidedly Japanese art form (more on that soon).

We chowed down on some Root Beer Float Cake (do yourself a favor and try this). I am now Joy the Baker's biggest fan.

Remember the birthday tree? The pug ornaments made way for volcano ornaments, the "theme" of A's birthday celebration. It's funny, the girls insist that even the adult birthday parties in our house have a theme. With help from two small girls, A came up with volcano, and all agreed that is was boy-ish enough for the only male in the family.

I think it's worth mentioning some of the themes the girls have chosen for their parties over the years: unicorn, horse, Star Wars, Chicken, Star Wars Chicken (seriously), and last but not least, Jerry Seinfeld (don't ask).

After seeing the recipe for chai concentrate on Amy's blog, I knew it had to be part of A's birthday gift (he's a big fan of chai). Then I started seeing it everywhere—bloggers from all walks were talking about it, all of them raving about it. And now I know why. Super easy, super delicious. (happy birthday to me?)


  1. This is hilarious, because I just made the same concentrate for my husband's birthday, which was yesterday. You look like you created the most beautiful birthday celebration, and what a sweet way to welcome in the new year. (Root bear float cake sounds AMAZING). Wonder if I can adapt that to be gluten free.

  2. What a wonderful celebration. That cake looks really, really good. Must put it on my to do baking list. Isn't the chai good? I really liked making it, so easy, and so good.

  3. My husband and his uncle both have dabbled in the art of bonsai. It's fascinating. We once visited a monastery where they have nurtured the most extraordinary, other-worldly looking collection of trees. Quite beautiful.

  4. Ok, you and Heather both linked the chai concentrate. I will have to check that out. LOVE the bonsai, it is darling.
    Root beer float cake? Need to try that!
    Thanks for sharing the celebration. Happy 34 to your hubby.

  5. happy birthday to him! i love joy the baker. i will have to link through...i love root beer floats, so a cake with the name? yum.