Monday, January 25, 2010

Paper Creations, Part II

After seeing Between the Folds, the PBS film about origami, "A" tried a few new kinds of paper forms, like this mushroom.

This paper is twisted, flattened, and crinkled rather than folded, and the resulting fungi are whimsical and delicate. He worked this up fast and it is actually quite simple to make.

There is so much amazing origami out there (like this and this and this). I am completely bewildered, knowing that each of those sculptures is made from a single sheet of paper.

If you're curious about origami, the crane is a great place to start. My girls (ages 6 and 7) can both manage a crane completely on their own, and they love it. (I would say 5 is a good age to start, as younger kids could be easily frustrated by the process.)

You can watch a clip from Between the Folds here. Check your local PBS listings to see the complete film, including how those mushrooms are made.


  1. That mushroom is amazing, how great would that be on a nature table. We had a blast making origami balloons the other day. The kids kept squealing with delight as they could blow air into the hole at one end, and the whole thing would fill up.

  2. Jennifer--we did the same thing the other day! I've gotta admit I get all excited too ;)

  3. I love that mushroom and the link for the T. rex...and the idea of an origami Christmas tree.

    Last year a good friend of mine created a 1000 cranes for peace. I don't have a picture of that, but I sent her this (link below) as inspiration when she was in the process of folding, gathering people together, and discovering that the process of peace is messy!

  4. Beautiful work! The mushroom is like a sculpture!

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  6. We have done a little bit of oragami, need to dive into it more. Love the mushroom!

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